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With our unique creativity, modern attitude to tradition, enormous commitment and passion, and a little bit of magic, we will create a party you will never forget!


  • Trust is an integral part of any relationship.

    Our mission is to create an original and refined style that reflects your needs and personality.
    Our wedding planner services are personalised, focused on understanding your needs and will be implemented at the highest level.

  • Together with our subcontractors we are an elite team for special tasks. We make your visions to come true.

    We know how valuable is your time, therefore we always arrive to a place convenient for you. We adjust to your lifestyle, without limitations, time constraints, or distance.

  • Our customers come from all over the world, and our services are tailored to their individual needs. We are proud of our international reputation as a provider of world-class services.

  • 600 venues
  • over 200 weddings organised
  • 9876 unlimited time of work


  • The adventure begins with a common understanding and analysis of all of your ideas, including the most crazy ones, as well as these that aren’t fully explicit. Only then we prepare an offer based of your individual needs.

  • Hiring a consultant does not mean that you lose control and enjoyment of organising your own wedding, on the contrary! We relieve you from venue and vendor searching, keeping on track with schedule and staying within budget.

  • We will offer proven solutions. Every decision will be consulted with you prior to its final approval. Together we develop the script, based on your innermost secret dreams and visions. This in short explains our cooperation from the moment we share our first coffee together till the big,
    beautiful day.


  • Searching for the perfect wedding location is often the most stressful and time-consuming of tasks.

    Our experience and knowledge of the Mazovia and Cracow region has enabled us to create a database of different types of venues, containing a wide range of ballrooms corresponding to different styles. We will help you find what you are looking for very quickly.


  • As soon as we select the perfect place,
    we focus on the style of the ceremony, stationery, photographs, menus, decorations, transportation and many other elements until the honeymoon. We are honoured to work with most listed companies in the industry that share our passion, commitment and high standards of service, excellence and attention to detail.


  • We will be on the day when you need us the most. Every detail will be repeatedly checked by us and if necessary - polished.

    We ensure that our subcontractors will appear in the right place and at right time. We ensure that the food and wine will be expertly paired, tables amazingly decorated, appropriate areas well accentuated by lighting and that the music will create a memorable and unique atmosphere.

  • Our services also focus on taking care of your guests. For us it is very important because only through such an approach, we can make you relaxed and able to enjoy this special day.

  • 95% tasks done for you
  • 60% weddings in Mazovia 30% weddings in Lesser Poland
  • over 200 business partners

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