Bridesmaid to hire

If you are looking for a friend from „dirty work” it is a perfect service for you! Your bridesmaid goes shopping,helps to organize RSVP's and gift list, coordinates a bridal shower and on your big day be a leadership in the chaotic situations. She does not need to fly across the word, she advises you with to do list and timeline, she has evenings open to chat.By hiring a bridesmaid you and your family can enjoy the time and have fun stress free. But if there are only men in your family, she can stand with you at the altar. Then she gives a moving speech, starts dancing when everyone is afraid to be first on the dance floor and finally catch the bouquet saying she is so shocked and awarded.

Bridesmaid to hire

-see our standard workflow-

We want to know you and your expectation about dream wedding, as well ass your hobby and lifestyle. The meeting is informal face to to face or on skype.

You sign a contract with beautifulday (scanned copy by e-mail) and pay a given sum of money by transfer.

We start wit a 3h consultations about all the matters you are afraid of plus help to create a budget, timeline, and a wedding day scenario.

She accompanies you at all the meetings and help with everything which is dedicated to YOU - Bride, like buying a wedding dress, RSVP, bridal shower etc.

She is willing to assist you on the wedding day, or even stand next to you at the altar. She takes care of the bridal party, and all the little things you want to look natural and nobody will do as breath taking speech, catching a bouquet etc.

just ask for a price