If you are looking for a wedding venue that differs from the others, we can suggest some unusual options in Poland, especially for a weddings day filled with local character and individuality. We will help you to choose the best reception venue depending on your budget, your preferences and how many guests you have. You will get a coordination description of each place. We make 10 days pre-reservation to give you enough time to make a good decision. This is a first option to choose. The second is to let us take you on a tour to show you all the venues you like and negotiate terms and conditions of the contract. If you already chose a venue but need a support with negotiations, we are here to help you! And that is the third option. Whatever you choose, we will be delightedto meet you at the venue, with a caterer to ensure that nothing has been overseen or missed.

excursion with a wedding planner

-see our standard workflow-

We want to know you and your expectation about dream wedding. That is why we ask you to fill in a questionnaire or meet us and than we do it for you. The meeting is informal face to face or on skype.

The consultant creates a proposition of 5 locations on the basis of your preferences and sends short descriptions of the locations.

We await for your response concerning further cooperation.

You sign a contract with beautifulday (scanned copy by e-mail) and pay a given sum of money by transfer or by cash on the day of excursion around the locations.

The consultant prepares a database with detailed description of the locations (menu included) and presents them in a table with costs calculated.

We go together for an excursion around locations you want to see.

The consultant assists you while signing the contract with the venue's owner & when discussing details including menu and set-up.

Within this service, our consultant also cancels previously booked locations and books the selected location.

just ask for a price